The understanding of spirituality is difficult and some it confuses or misunderstood.  I tried to explain the most of spiritual terms we hear in day to day life.
ADI GRANTH – 17th century compilation of the writings of Light and Sound gurus of the 15th and 16th centuries. Compiled by the 5th Sikh Guru, Arjan Dev.
ANGER – One of the five negative passions of the mind.
ASCENDED MASTER – Any true Master or Saint who is no longer active in the physical worlds and who has ascended to the higher spiritual regions.
ASTRAL BODY – The radiant body. A finer and lighter body than the physical body; the instrument of expression used in the astral region. Soul’s vehicle for experiencing human love, anger, fear, desire, etc.
ASTRAL PLANE – The exoteric name of the first spiritual region.
ASTRAL PROJECTION – A phenomenon in which the inner bodies split from the physical body to travel only as far as the astral world, encum­bered by all emotional, mental, and karmic baggage.
ASTROLOGY – The study of the Zodiac; uses mechanical principles such as charts, etc., to predict the future; can only state the possibility of events that might occur; the study of the human personality; the study of births and deaths in the lower worlds. Relies on the light to reveal apparent reality.
ATTACHMENT – A state of bondage of the lower bodies (physical, astral, causal, mental) to karmic patterns of life that keep one in the physical consciousness which creates enslavement to the physical realm and desires, connections, identification with objects, family, belongings, etc.
ATTRIBUTE – A characteristic or quality. Creation of the world was made possible by the interplay of three attributes or qualities that exist in the human body: harmony; action or activity; and inertia or darkness. All life continually vacillates within these three.
AUDIBLE LIFE STREAM – God expressing Itself in a stream which is both visible and audible (Light and Sound); the sustaining life force; also known as the Sound Current flowing out from the Supreme Creative center of the Universe of universes; life force that can be heard and seen with the spiritual vision and hearing faculties of soul; the all-embracing spiritual force which composes life and makes up all elemental substances including the component parts of soul.
AURA – A luminous radiation of fine vibratory waves or rays of color sur­rounding the physical frame which originate in thoughts and emotions.
AWAKENED SOUL – Soul, awake and functioning, while still living in the physical state in its physical body.
BEING – The choosing of an identity. That which is, as distinguished from that which is not; a part of the trinity of soul (knowing, being, seeing); the conscious choosing and implementing of one’s true spiritual identi­ty. Action apart from the control of mind, ego, emotions, and personali­ty; being incorporates all but is not limited by any faculty or perception.
BEINGNESS – Soul; the manifested individual beingness of spirit, created with the power to create, form postulates, form opinions, imagine, and have intelligence.
BRAHM – The power that creates and dissolves. The negative power in the lower worlds. Believed by many to be a god, but actually a minor subor­dinate of the Divine. Lord of the OM portion of the Audible Life Stream.
CAUSAL BODY – Also called “seed body,” because the seeds of all kar-mas reside in it; all actions or karmas manifest in the lower bodies (physical, emotional, mental).
CAUSAL PLANE – The plane of consciousness within all souls which stores karmic records and accounts; the seed body. The location of the time track—past, present, future.
CHAKRAS – Major energy centers in the human body; each looks like a small wheel, with parts that suggest the petals of a lotus. The primary chakras are the rectal, reproductive, naval, heart, throat, third eye, and crown centers.
CLAIRVOYANCE – The awareness of seeing and knowing in the psychic worlds.
CONSCIOUSNESS – Attention; the state of awareness in which an individ­ual lives daily. Can be divided into two parts: the outer consciousness in which a sense of reality is created by dependence on the physical senses and the sense organs; or the inner consciousness which creates true real­ity through contact with the Audible Life Stream.
CONTEMPLATION – A spiritual exercise during which attention is cen­tered on a definite spiritual principle, thought, or idea, or upon the Master. An action which gives purpose to the focusing of attention, dif­fering from the more passive experience of meditation. An active spiri­tual experience in which the practitioner centers attention upon a situa­tion in order to see truth; seeing the whole which includes all parts; giving purpose to the focusing of attention; unrestrained examination of any spiritual idea; the 360-degree viewpoint.
COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS – Spiritual insight given to the intellectual senses in the mental realm; the first step in consciousness toward reaching soul, before self-realization.
CREATIVE POWER – Spirit, identical with life, love, beauty, and wisdom that comes from the Divine Source, manifested by thought; possible because of the consciousness of oneness of the individual with Spirit, by both the individual and Spirit.
CREATOR – The prime mover of the Universal Body (whereas soul is the prime mover in its own universe); creative action that manifests out of awareness of being the image and likeness of God. That which all oppo­sites have in common; the Audible Life Stream issues forth from It.
DESIRE – The thirst for material worldly objects. Desire originates within the senses; love of and for objects. The desires of the senses control the mind and entrap the soul.
DETACHMENT – A state of being in which reaction to the world and the physical, emotional, and mental senses are replaced by the viewpoint of soul. Particularly, a mental detachment from the world and worldly desires; a state of mind—not to be confused with asceticism, renuncia­tion of the world, or non-action.
DISCIPLINE – Active state of monitoring and controlling viewpoint or attention; involvement in self-surrender and self-control; true disci­pline is the subjective control of emotions and imagination.
DISCRIMINATION – Spiritually separating the real from the apparent, the changing from the changeless, and the true from the false, through inquiry, study, and centering within the third eye.
DIVINE – The One and unchanging Being; not to be confused with the powers or personifications located at each chakra and plane.
DIVINE FACULTY – The imagination; the inner action, desire, picturing, expecting, creating.
DIVINE LAW – All things continually exist as a manifestation from and by the Sound Current power. Soul is the greatest achievement of cre­ation, exists throughout eternity, loves and seeks its Creator and will attain the highest glory.
DIVINE SPIRIT – The Sound; the Voice; that Essence, the Holy Ghost, the Comforter that gives life to all; the Sound Current, the Audible Life Stream.
DIVINE TRUTH – The One and unchanging Spirit; separation or a divid­ed state of The Creator is illusion; the Oneness of The Creator.
DIVINE WILL – Absolute Will; the will or desire of God; the principles of God, which when followed, lead to spiritual unfoldment.
DOCTRINE – In spiritual definition, the universal principles; that which is true and divinely created; universal law.
DOGMA – Man-made laws and teachings; morals; taboos. Concrete beliefs based on custom and tradition; deals with the duality of right and wrong rather than the middle road.
DUAL WORLDS – The worlds of matter, energy, space, and time; of nega­tive and positive; of male and female. All the worlds below the soul plane: physical, astral, causal, mental, and etheric planes.
DYING DAILY – Separating the attention from the body consciousness at will for soul transport; coming and going at will between the physical and higher worlds through the soul power; dying while still living; also implies the daily purification process.
EGO – Psychic consciousness within the body.
ENERGY – The life-force of soul, apart from the lower manifestations which empower the lower planes (physical, astral, causal, mental).
ESOTERIC – Secret knowledge or hidden meaning. (See also: exoteric.)
ESSENCE OF SPIRIT – Nobility, aesthetics, life, love, and beauty, and the single primary impulse to express truth; the love and beauty it feels Itself to be; the breath of God.
ETHICS – That which is selfless, is good for the whole; will not harm one and will do justice for all concerned. Actions for the benefit of all.
EXOTERIC – Teachings which are visible and audible to the human eye and ear. (See also: esoteric.)
EXTRA-SENSORY PERCEPTION – Moving mind and thoughts beyond self and the recognition of events between self and others, or outside the self-environment.
FAITH – The initial stage of spiritual inquiry; confidence in a belief. The building block of all religions.
FATE KARMA – One’s destiny in life, created by actions in past lives, and upon which present life is based. The third eye opens when the majori­ty of fate karma is resolved. (See also: Karma.)
FEAR – An emotion originating in the astral consciousness. Can become a state of mind which immobilizes and distorts consciousness through anger, worry, sentimental emotionalism, and envy; a way of prevent­ing spiritual unfoldment. (See also: Hatred.)
FIRST CAUSE – The act of creation; soul’s conscious will overriding karmic tendencies. God, Master, spirit, and soul are first cause; mind, emotion, and karma are second cause, or effect.
FIVE FACES OF THE MASTER – Outer Master; Dream Master; Radiant Form of the Master; Spiritual Form of the Master; and the True Master (Sat Guru).
FIVE MELODIES – The Sound Current’s audible manifestation on the major planes of experience (physical, astral, causal, mental, soul).
FIVE PASSIONS OF THE MIND – The forces through which the negative force controls and keeps soul in the lower worlds: lust, anger, greed, attachment, and vanity.
FIVE VIRTUES – The antidotes to the passions of the mind: discrimination, forgiveness, contentment, detachment, and humility.
FOUR STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS – The four states with which soul works in following the spiritual path: Sleep, Dream, Awake, and Super-consciousness.
FREE WILL – Each soul has the right and power to decide to follow either the lower or higher forces; our individual spiritual right, which is usu­ally a burden until self-realization is attained.
GIFT WAVES – The Master’s gifts to soul in consciousness; movements in consciousness marked by love flow and clear perception.
GOD CONSCIOUSNESS – The state of realization experienced just prior to God realization.
GOD REALIZATION – Soul matured; awareness and mastery of truth; union with the Divine Essence; the true Master’s abode; the ultimate goal of any seeker; the purpose of all life. Realization of the God state; the knowledge of God; attainment of the higher spiritual state of the supernatural life; uniting the human and the divine natures.
GOD REALIZED – A supreme saint; a saint who has attained God real­ization.
GOD SEEKERS – Those who search for the realization of God, not know­ing that it is always with them.
GURU – Literally, one who gives light; a spiritual teacher; master; precep­tor; guide. (See also: Sat Guru.)
HARMONY – The perception that the “I AM” is ONE, always in harmony with Itself, including all things because there is no second creative power; complete acceptance and oneness.
HATRED – One of the two negative emotions that comes out of the stream of thought consciousness; the other emotion is fear.
HEALING – Spiritual unfoldment due to the action of the Master and the student; replacing the lower levels of consciousness with the higher lev­els; whereas a “healer” replaces one state of consciousness with another state within the same level of consciousness.
HOLY SPIRIT – The offshoot of the Sound Current which sustains all life in the lower worlds (physical, astral, causal, mental). (The Holy Spirit of the Christian doctrine is the universal mind power, originating on the mental plane.)
HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS – The lower or earth state of understanding; the state of consciousness facilitated by the lower forces as its channel.
IGNORANCE – Unawareness; source of bondage in the lower worlds.
IMAGINATION – A mental faculty that God has given soul so that it may enter into the first door of the inner worlds; a function which allows soul to image in thought.
IMMORTALITY – The state of being changeless and deathless, opposite of mortality or being subject to change and death.
IMPATIENCE – Within the passion of anger, the quality or tendency of mind to expect results without regard for divine timing.
INITIATION – The true spiritual sacrament; the connection between soul and the Audible Life Stream. A true Sat Guru can initiate and awaken any soul into the Sound Current.
INNER HEARING – The hearing faculty of soul. (See also: Surat.)
INNER MASTER – The eternal Master; synonymous with the Sound Current Master; direct personification of the Audible Life Stream; the true Master, imperishable, and eternally present in the now.
INNER TEACHINGS – The teachings which go beyond the intellectual senses and enter into the depth of wisdom; the most sublime, sacred, secret wisdom of all things, given by the Inner Master, mostly in the inner world.
INNER VISION – That attention of seeing which does not use the physical eyes, but “sees” with the inner eyes. (See also: Nirat.)
INTELLECT – The capacity of the mind to study various laws originating from the different relations of things to one another; not life in itself but a function of life; an effect and not the cause; does not create anything entirely new or constructive.
INTUITION – A faculty of acquiring knowing without using the senses, without reasoning; an innate, instinctive awareness.
KARMA – Action; the law of cause and effect; action and reaction; the debits and credits resulting from our deeds, which bring us back to the worlds in future lives to reap their fruits. There are four types of karma:
Original karma – karma of the beginning; not earned by the individual, but established by The Creator in the beginning.
Fate karma – past actions that are responsible for our present condi­tions; that portion of our karma which is allotted to this life and is responsible for our present existence.
Present karma – the result of actions during the present life.
Stored karma – the balance of unpaid karmas from all our past lives; the store of karma located in the causal plane to be worked off or to bear fruit in future incarnations.
KARMIC IMPRESSIONS – Impressions or tendencies from previous lives, early upbringing, traditions, and social influences, which shape the basic outlook and behavior patterns of a human being. Can be positive, negative, or spiritual.
KARMIC PATTERNS – The habitual ways in which an individual acts and reacts throughout the experiences of many lives.
KEY TO SPIRITUAL WORLDS – The detached state from both worldly desires and a mental love of the world; state of complete detachment from all duality; non-attachment in which one does not reject material things, but lives in a state of not being controlled by them.
KINGDOM OF GOD – The consciousness of God within soul.
KINGDOM OF HEAVEN – The true home of soul; that realm of Spirit where God and the Sound Current have established the fountainhead in the universe of universes.
KNOWING – The ability of soul to perceive directly; above reason, logic, and all mental sensation; certainty; clarity.
LAW OF ATTITUDES – The law of the states of consciousness; the power of imagination that rules over will in the actions in this world: that which you imagine, you become.
LAW OF BALANCE – The equilibrium which lies in the Godhead; all is completely in balance in the Creator’s universal body; the principle of unity, of oneness, but in the lower regions this unity takes on the appearance of duality or chaos.
LAW OF FACSIMILES – All effects in life are created in the mind of the individual through thoughts and images which have been gathered and stored in past and present incarnations.
LAW OF GOD – Everything has its cause in spirit; Divine Truth is one and eternal.
LAW OF LOVE – The principle which gives thought the dynamic power to connect with its object and enables it to master every unfavorable human experience; feeling that gives vitality to thought; feeling is desire and desire is love.
LAW OF POLARITY – Each thing within the universe is supported, given life, maintained by, and resistant to its opposite.
LAW OF SPIRIT – Spirit in itself is the assumption of increase; future con­ditions manifest out of present conditions; there is always something more to experience.
LAW OF SPIRITUAL GROWTH – Truth has to be continually rediscov­ered, perfected, and transmuted; the same truth has to be experienced in ever-new forms.
LAW OF VIBRATIONS – All creation in the lower worlds is carried out and manifested through harmonic vibrations. Rules all effects such as wave lengths, outflows, inflows, cause and effect, and the harmonics of the movement of Sound.
LIGHT – That which reveals the contents of the mind through reason, logic, study, and the use of the psychic senses; information, knowledge; cannot alone deliver the soul to self-realization.
LIVING MASTER – The Word made flesh, the true and capable Master who works for the liberation of entrapped souls, guiding them beyond and out of the lesser reality of existence into self-realization and even­tually to Godhood.
LIVING TRUTH – Every atom is immortal and eternal; each is soul.
LOGOS – The Greek name for Word of God. Ever outward-flowing Power of God in dynamic action; created and sustains the world.
LOVE – The most powerful force in the inner worlds. The force which binds the lower worlds together through the attraction of opposite polarities, whether atomic, elemental, animal, or human. In the higher worlds it is pure essence, Light and Sound, unconditional. It is the essence of seeking balance in the union of the masculine and feminine expressions of the Divine Self.
LOWER PLANES – The physical, astral, causal, mental, and etheric planes; the regions which are the training ground for soul.
MACROCOSM – The world of the Creator, including all universes; the universal world, reflected in the microcosm—man. The macrocosm dwells within the body of each individual.
MASTER – A liberated soul that has attained the soul plane of conscious­ness; a true Saint; one who is God realized.
MATREYIA – Return of the Buddha.
MATRIX – Stating what you intend to do; an inner image.
MAYA – Illusion or delusion; deception; unreality; the phenomenal uni­verse. That which is not eternal is not real and true. The veil of maya or illusion conceals the vision of God from one’s sight.
MENTAL PLANE – State of consciousness that deals with thought, rea­son, logic, and intellect.
MEST – Matter, Energy, Space, and Time. The finished creation; the lower worlds.
MICROCOSM – The miniature universe; the reflection of the macrocosm.
MIDDLE PATH – The neutral way; neither black nor white, neither posi­tive nor negative, neither masculine (forcing), nor feminine (receptive); spiritual balance between the negative and the positive; neither for nor against.
MIND – Serves as an instrument for Spirit to make all its contact with the material worlds; the channel through which the negative force controls and keeps soul in the lower worlds, through the five passions of the mind. There is only one mind acting in different bodies: the lower world mind manifesting in the common affairs of the world; the mind of the emotions; and the inner mind.
MINERAL STATE – Consciousness that is largely dormant, encased in rock­like substance of minerals. Soul experiences the physical realm through expansion, contraction, extrusion, and bonding with other elements.
NARROW WAY – Name given to the opening or small door located at the third eye, where Spirit enters and leaves the body and spiritual aware­ness occurs.
NIRAT – The seeing faculty of the soul which recognizes truth; an ability to instantaneously distinguish between spiritual consciousness (knowing, being, and seeing), and psychic or human consciousness; the attention inside; awakening of the “inner mind.” (See also: Surat.)
NOTHINGNESS – The container of all unmanifested potential; the store­house of knowing, being, and seeing.
NOW-NESS – The present moment; being present in the moment of time; the eternal point of life; Beingness of Truth; a stillness of all activity.
ORIGINAL KARMA – Karma of the beginning; not earned by the individ­ual, but established by the Creator. (See also: Karma.)
OUTER MASTER – The living Master; the Word (Sound) made flesh; the true and capable Master who works for the liberation of entrapped souls, guiding them beyond and out of the lesser reality of existence into self-realization and eventually God realization.
PASSIONS OF THE MIND – The five passions of the mind are lust, anger, greed, attachment, and vanity (ego or pride). (See also: Virtues for the antidotes to these passions.)
PAST KARMA – The store of unpaid karmas from one’s past lives. (See also: Karma.)
PATH OF SOUL – To contemplate the life, love, and beauty of Divine Power and to realize Itself as already giving expression to It as a chan­nel in thought, feeling, and action; It is neither positive nor negative, but is the projection of consciousness through soul.
PATIENCE – Persisting with calmness and self-control with the mind firmly fixed on God, and with attention to the goal of God conscious­ness. The greatest discipline in all the works of Sound.
PLANES – The states of consciousness soul travels through on its way back home. An infinite number of planes blend and shift from one state of consciousness to another.
POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE – The positive is the outgoing force; the neg­ative is the receptive force; the positive is forever changing into the negative and the negative is always in the process of becoming the pos­itive; without one the other could not exist.
POWER – The moving force of entrapment or liberation; supreme libera­tion or detachment from all distractions of the lower worlds.
PRESENT KARMA – The debits and credits created by our actions in this life, to be reaped in the future. (See also: Karma.)
PSYCHIC – The physical, astral, causal, and mental levels of conscious­ness and their corresponding planes; all elements of the light including astrology, ESP, tarot, meditation, prophecy, astral projection, I Ching, psychic readings, religion, ritual, drumming, visions, etc.
PURIFICATION – Removing the fixed desires of the human nature and experiencing the power of the Sound Current; dying daily.
RADIANT BODY – The Light Body of the Sound Current Master.
REINCARNATION – The rebirth of soul into a new body each time it reenters this world or another. The physical body experiences death; soul is eternal.
SAINT – A pious or holy person; esoterically, one who has reached the fifth spiritual region or plane.
SATGURU – In spiritual terms, a true Master, appointed before birth; one who is capable of replacing darkness with Light and Sound; he who anoints the seeker with the Sound Current. A saint who is also a spiritu­al teacher. Everyone who has reached the fifth spiritual region is a saint, but not all of them accept followers or are designated to teach.
SEEING – Attribute of soul which recognizes truth; ability to instanta­neously distinguish between spiritual consciousness (knowing, being, and seeing), and psychic or human consciousness.
SEEKER(S) OF TRUTH – Those who search for the essence, spirit, soul and life of everything that exists or appears to exist, itself unchangeable and immortal; those who sincerely work to attain truth at any sacrifice.
SELF-DISCIPLINE – Control of the psychic self; control of the emotions and the imagination, which is subjective. Self-discipline does not imply denial.
SELF-REALIZATION – Soul recognizing its true nature and purpose; soul entering into incipient spiritual consciousness, and finding itself; the beginning of spiritual awareness. Soul entering into the first region of pure spirit, and there recognizing itself, stripped of all materialism and no longer encumbered with the lower bodies.
SOUL – Spirit; also the supreme spirit or “over-soul” of all bodies within one’s personal universe. Humans’ true identity; the immortal, death­less, and forever unchanging aspect of our constitution. Soul gives life to the physical, astral, mental, causal, and etheric bodies; identical with the Sound Current; a drop from the Ocean of Love and Mercy. The soul body experiences self-realization and is the only vehicle of humankind that can rise above the worlds of duality. The central core of the univers­es of The Creator; the true identity of all life (mineral, plant, animal, human, or psychic entity); the primary unit of consciousness or aware­ness; the essence of God and Its true gift of life; the deathless self which when unencumbered can experience the divine attributes.
SOUL TRANSPORT – The means by which soul is freed from the con­straints and limitations of the lower bodies. Consciously assuming the viewpoint of soul; surrendering to one’s innate, natural, spiritual view­point. Upward movement in consciousness through direct projection; transcends the grip of matter, energy, space, and time. Used to travel in and upward through the many planes of consciousness.
SOUND – The wave of consciousness or awareness which is constantly creating; the life-source; the Audible Life Stream; the transformative essence of God which draws us from the human and psychic states into the spiritual consciousness.
SOUND CURRENT – The creative power which manifests as Sound and Light in the spiritual regions. As the soul manifests in the body as con­sciousness, the Word of God manifests Itself as inner Spiritual Sound. The Sound Current is both expressible, which can be uttered, and inexpress­ible, which can only be heard within. The expressible points and leads to the real or inexpressible within—a creative power that emanates without ceasing from the Supreme Being, and takes us to It. The Audible Life Stream or breath of God; the creative power which manifests as Light and Sound; the truly transformative divine elixir.
SOUND CURRENT MASTER – The Inner Master; the changeless aspect of God which assumes any form necessary to stay in contact with all parts of Its Universal Body; can be with one or a million students at the same time; the Inner Teacher that manifests in the seeker’s third eye on the astral plane.
SPIRITUAL FREEDOM – Salvation or spiritual liberation during this life­time. True liberation is soul free from the tyranny of the physical, astral, mental, and causal bodies; and attaining union with its true source.
SPIRITUALITY – The essence of truth which is caught, not taught.
STORED KARMA – The balance of unpaid karmas from all our past lives; the store of karma located in the causal plane to be worked off or to bear fruit in future incarnations.
SUBCONSCIOUS MIND – Unconscious attitudes and habits; patterns of negative reactions that are unknown; uncontrolled mind; that which imprisons soul.
SUFI – An adherent of Sufism, a Muslim mystic sect originally from Persia.
SURAT – The hearing faculty of the soul. When soul goes within, it hears the melody of the Sound Current through “surat” and sees the light of the Sound Current through “nirat.” At a certain stage the two faculties merge into one. (See also: Nirat.)
THIRD EYE – A point in the astral body, between and behind the two eyes; the eye that brings oneness to duality.
TRUE MASTER – True or perfect Master who can initiate seekers into the Sound Current; a Master who has access to the soul plane.
TRUTH – True, real, everlasting, actual, right, fit, essence, existence, per­manent, abiding, eternal; also truthfulness in thought, word, and deed.
TWO FACES OF THE MASTER – The Inner Master, who is always with His students; and the outer Master, who writes, lectures, and teaches the outer studies to his followers.
UNION WITH GOD – Soul becomes a co-worker with God. Soul merges with the essence of God, not the Godhead Itself.
UNIVERSAL – That which is true or real within the entire body of the Creator, or soul’s own existence; permanent, unchanging, random.
VANITY – I-ness, ego; one of the five deadly passions (lust, anger, greed, vanity, attachment); also one of the four divisions of mind, whose func­tion is to separate self and self-interests from all else.
VEIL – Illusion or delusion; deception; unreality; the phenomenal uni­verse. All that which is not eternal is not real and true. The veil of illu­sion conceals the vision of God from one’s sight.
VIBRATION – Wave lengths in the specialized stream of Spirit; the whole life of any individual is one great wave length, as are music and elec­tricity and every particle in the lower worlds.
VIRTUES – Antidotes to the five passions of the mind.
Passions                            Virtues  
Lust                            Continence
Anger                            Forgiveness
Greed                          Contentment
Vanity                            Humility
Attachment                      Detachment
VOID, THE – A blank; the original place of all lower creations; emptiness in its own nature; being devoid of self-distinctiveness and independent from the elements which compose it; everything else is relative to it, but it has no relation to other things.
WORLDS OF THE SEEKER – The human consciousness, the psychic con­sciousness, and the spiritual consciousness; all three are lived in simul­taneously and singularly, whether sleeping or awake.
YOGA – Literally, union; esoterically, spiritual exercises, practice; meditation in the spiritual sense; any system which leads to or aims at the union of the soul with God.

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